Kalfire W Design fireplace
Elegant exterior, smart interior

One of the most environmentally-friendly fireplaces in the world, replete with innovative and sustainable technologies.

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Air control slider

Using the special Kalfire key, you can adjust the air control slider. With this you can control the airflow for a mesmerising or stunning display of dancing flames.

  • 4 mm thick, 3 cm deep
  • 8 mm thick, 7 cm deep
Choice of trims

To complete the design of your fireplace, you can choose from two types of seamless steel trims. An exquisitely thin trim for seamless transitions or a bold thick trim for a sleek design. The choice is yours.

Smooth sliding door

All Kalfire wood fireplaces feature a smooth sliding door. This allows you to easily add wood to the fire. Simply use the Kalfire key to slide the door upwards and leave it in any position you choose.

Various rear panels

This durable Kalfire wood fireplace comes with no less than three different rear panel options. The rear panel is a key element in determining the look and ambience of the interior, even when the fire is not burning. Determine the ambience in your home and choose the Skamol, lamella or a design rear panel.

Kalfire Easy Door System

The glass panel of our fireplaces can be cleaned with very little effort. Simply slide the panel forward for easy access to the entire surface. The fireplace is also free of metal strips where dirt could accumulate. This system makes cleaning a piece of cake. User-friendly and comfortable.

Kalfire Clean Window System

In addition to the unique Easy Door System, all Kalfire wood-burning fireplaces also feature the unique Clean Window System, which allows a thin sliver of air to filter across the glass panel, keeping the surface looking clear and clean longer than other fireplaces.

  • Closed
  • Open
Innovative valve system

Kalfire wood-burning fireplaces operate independently of the room in which they are installed. The closed system draws in fresh (often cold) air from outside and discharges the smoke through the chimney flue. However, if you choose to allow the hot air to flow into the room, the air that the fireplace draws in from the room is compensated by the built-in automatic valve system, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment.